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Q1 Downloading movie and playing

  1. What player do I need?
    Microsoft Windows Media Player(New Version)Is able to play.
  2. Will not play properly.
    Windows Media Player Might not be installed property or、Windows Media Player Player might not be the latest version.
    Please download the latest version and install.
    If you are still having problem. Please try uninstalling the current version of Windows Media Player you are using and download the latest version of Windows Media Player and try reinstalling.

    On some of our earlier Movies
    That’s written RM please use the free player listed below.
    Real Player

  3. Can I download and store the file in my computer?
    All of our movies is able to download and store the data.
  4. How to cut and paste
    We do not support cut and paste. For cut and paste free soft UniteMovie. Please try this soft.
  5. How to download a movie.

    Sign in to the member page. Right click on top of the「download」button 「Save Target As」 and chose where to store and 「Save」. Then download should start.

    After you finish downloading double click the icon and it will start playing.

  6. Mac(Macintosh)Is unable to download.
    On top of the play button press the control key and hold he mouse, function will appear and select the「download the link to disk」.
    Mac Windows のMedia Player(Free) Install。
  7. What is the recommended spec?
    Please try downloading the sample movie and check if it works or not.
  8. Does a user have download limit per day?
    25.0GB/one day.

Q2 X1X.COM Price and Membership

  1. I want to know the detail.


    US$38 - 30Days /US$72 - 60Days / US$100 - 90Days / US$180 - 180Days / US$270 - 365Days

  2. Is there additional Tax Fee?
    There is no tax.
  3. Is there any Additional Fee like Long Distance International Call Fee?
    To connect to x1x.com its just a regular internet connection. Once you become a member all you need to pay is what you see. We do not charge automatic like pay per watch sites.
    Once you become a member all you need to pay is what you see. We do not charge like pay per watch sites.
  4. Will the currency be Japanese Yen or U.S Dollar?

    It will be in U.S Dollar.

    For Yen base costumer. It will automatically transact to Dollar base and the rate will vary by the trade date. For rates please contact your credit card holder.

  5. When will charge apply to my credit card? And do I get charged automatically every month?
    The charge apply date will vary by which card holder you are going with. Please contact your credit card holder.
    Until you cancel your membership you will be automatically charged till you cancel. If you no longer would like to be our member please fill out the cancelation form and send it.
    Or you may cancel through Email but please email at least 7days before your bill date.
  6. What kind of credit card can I charge?
    We accept VISA,MASTER,JCB,AMEX,DINERS cards.
  7. How will it apply on my credit card bill statement?
    It will apply to your statement as「TMP cs@tmpbill.com」.
    You will not see x1x.com or any adult content on your statement.
  8. I want to change my registered credit card.
    Just use the contact form and send us your ID and or your registered Email address.

Q3 ID・Password

  1. ID・Password contact form

    If you forgot your password

    If you forgot your ID

    ※If you accidently register a wrong Email address you will not get a new password or ID.

    ID・If you cannot get your info from the password contact. Please contact us through the main contacting form.

  2. Can not Log In with my ID

    Please check your key board such as Num Lock, Caps lock and capital or none and also space.
    You may also try copy and paste from our original Email.

    If you still have problem logging on please try cleaning your browser cache and then try again.

    Delete Cache
    Internet Explorer
    →Menu 「Tool」
    →「Internet Option」
    →Internet File「Delete file」chose
    →「Delete all filr content」check mark
    →OK click

    If you can not log in with the exact password and ID
    Please contact us through the mail contact form.

  3. I would like to no when my password expire.
    We will check and send you the information through our main contact form.
    Please include your ID or Email address.

Q4 Becoming a Member

  1. I would like to change my registered Email address.
    Please request a change of Email address from our main contact form and please include your ID or registered Email address.
  2. I finished registering but I do not get my Password.

    It could be several reasons for not receiving Email such us.
    1. Entered or typed a wrong Email address.
    2. Mail server problem with your Email account provider.
    3. Your Email box is full.

    <For Hotmail, Yahoo Web Mail、Mobile Device Email、And For Providers nifty、dion>

    ”Rule”has been set to、「Registration Mail」go to「junk mail」or「trash」 Coues it to not appear in the main mail box
    「I Dont Get Mail!」before you contact support please check these setting option on your email provider.

  3. I would like to rejoin.
    We apologize for the inconvenience but please re register from step one. The old Pass and ID will no longer work.
  4. Transaction shows error and I can not register.
    Please make sure all field is filled out properly If you still have problem please specify and fill out the form and Email it to the main contact.

Q5 Premiere Member

  1. I want to see the premiere movie.

    The follow is requirements and regulations.
    1・ 30day member that have been our member for more than 90days consecutively
    2・ 60day member that have been our member for more than 90days consecutively
    3・ 90day 180dys 365day member

    ※As soon as your cancellation you will no longer be able to download movies

    These are the requirements and regulation and no extra cost will be needed
    and no need to register again.It will work fine with the same Pass and ID

  2. How can i become a premiere member from a 1month member?
    We apologies for the inconvenience that there is no change after you register.
    You will need to cancel your agreement and re register with the desired term.

Q6 Other Question

  1. After I cancel my membership can I still watch the movies that I saved?
    Our site do not have DRM or any blocks. Any saved data will we be able to watch.
  2. After I cancel my membership can I still download movies?
    For the Premiere and Special as soon as you cancel you will no longer able to download anymore. The regular will be able to download till the last date of your membership.
  3. How to cancel my membership and when should I?

    Our system will automatically charge your account so if you wish to cancel please cancel using the cancelation form.
    For cancelation please use this form below.


    1. If you wish to become a member again you must re register again.

    If you wish to cancel by Email please cancel 7days before your member expire unless we will automatically charge your account.

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